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Xtreme Acoustics Mixer XAMXB4 is the Best Budget Mixer?

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Xtreme Acoustics, a sub brand of Kadence, has recently released a 4 channel audio mixer XAMXB4 which is right now the hottest best seller on Amazon and Flipkart, constantly getting out of stock due to high demand. This mixer comes with an attractive set of features [explained in sections below] in a regular form factor. The target audience, as confirmed by Xtreme Acoustics team, are the Live Audio/Video Streamers, Karaoke Singers, Home Studio Enthusiasts, Live Music Performers. The biggest USP this product features happens to be a dedicated Smart Phone Support, which allows users to directly use Condenser Microphone inputs into Smartphones for a hugely improved audio quality.

Xtreme Acoustics Mixer XAMXB4 Features

XAMXB4 Mixer comes with a huge set of features as explained below
  • 4 channel mixer, ideal for karaoke
  • +48 V Phantom power on Channel 1
  • Two 1/4’’ (L/R) main outputs, Two XLR/ TRS or 1/4’’ combo MIC/ LINE input jacks, 2 TRS and 2 RCA stereo input jacks.
  • Engaged with input gain, 2-band EQ (HIGH/LOW) and volume adjustment, delay and repeat control knobs.
  • 3.5mm microphone interface
  • Live broadcast function on smartphones through 3.5 mm live out
  • Bluetooth function/MP3 player/ PEN DRIVE for background music
  • High definition 3.5mm headphone output port
  • PC/ laptop audio recording
It serves many purposes like home music production, live streaming, karaoke through Starmaker/ Smule app

Special Features

  • Built in phantom power/ 48v with frequency range 20Hz to 20KHz for recording on condenser microphones with XLR connection and also a 3.5 mm 5v microphone interface provided as well.
  • Dedicated Delay (echo repeat interval) and Repeat (echo repetition frequency) effects provided for each channel.

How to Play Background Music

  • Click on the MODE/BT so that bLUE is reflecting on to the display.
  • To give background music, you can connect your phone to the mixer by enabling the bluetooth on your phone. Select ‘MIX MP3-BT’ and press the ST/USB button present on the 3/4 Channel of the mixer.
  • The song setting can be done by forward/ rewind button or can even be paused.
  • You can control the volume settings by rotating the knobs on Channel 3/4.
  • You can also give BGM through the USB/ Pen drive port as given on the front portion of the mixer.

Connections Explained

XAMXB4 has a total of 9 standard input ports (XLR, 6.35mm, 3.5mm) and 4 standard output ports (6.35mm, 3.5mm). Besides these, it also features two very handy USB and Bluetooth connection support as well.
This mixer supports a total of 4 inputs at a given point of time. These 4 inputs are divided in form of 2 Mono and 1 Stereo inputs. The Mono inputs supports XLR / 6.35 mm (1/4 inch) inputs.
Input channel 1, the left most mono input, features a Phantom Power (+48 volt) switch which enables usage of Condenser Microphones. Input channel 2 is suitable for either a Dynamic Microphone input or a DI box input for Guitar recording. The stereo channels (channel 3 and 4) support Stereo instruments like Keyboards or Pianos through 6.35mm audio cable. Channel 3 and 4 also feature a set of tape inputs (RCA) as a backward compatibility feature.
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The output channels form a combined output of all the mixer channels, accessible in forms of a Headphones Out (3.5mm) and a pair of LR Mains Out (6.35mm).
XAMXB4 also comes with a very special TO PHONE output connection which allows direct recording of audio in smartphones. Certainly the said smartphones must have 3.5mm audio input support. Xtreme Acoustics ships a 3.5mm male to male stereo cable in the box for accessing this connection.


After testing all the features of the Xtreme Acoustics XAMXB4 Mixer, we can safely recommend this mixer to the Home Studio based musicians, especially the ones that are interested in live performances. You can use the To Phone feature to directly stream your condenser mic, guitar, piano as a mix or individually into your Smartphone while live streaming for a much better quality stream. At the same point of time, the bluetooth feature would enable you adding Background Music that is playing on another device. The USB connection with PC too can be used for putting Background Music to your podcast sessions.

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