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Which Komplete 13 Bundle is Suitable for You?

KOMPLETE 13 is the go-to creation suite for craftsmen, performers, and sound originators. The most recent form presents fresh out of the box new GUITAR RIG 6 PRO, CREMONA QUARTET, and ARKHIS, in addition to a colossal bundle of leader instruments, impacts, and Expansions – every one of the imaginative devices you’ll at any point require.

Komplete 13 is available in 4 versions

Komplete 13 Select contains all the essentials – synths, keys, pads, percussion, and sound sculpting effects, hand-picked from the full collection, i.e. Komplete Standard.
This is suitable for Absolute Beginners just planning to get your hands dirty in Music Production using top notch ‘Native Instruments’ sounds.
  • 12 Instruments
  • 4 Effects
  • 5 Expansions
Komplete 13 Standard bundle provides the very core of KOMPLETE – flagship synths, KONTAKT and REAKTOR platforms, and creative and studio effects in a comprehensive collection of sounds for any genre.
This is suitable for Almost Every Music Producer trying to create music with the Best available sounds around the globe. This pack also includes the Kontakt Discovery Series sound bundles.
  • 52 instruments
  • 16 effects
  • 24 Expansions
Komplete 13 Ultimate bundle provides an expanded range of synths, sampled instruments and effects, plus a huge collection of Cinematic and Orchestral scoring tools for composers.
This is suitable for very Advanced Song Producers and Film Composers. We do not recommend this for small / independent Production Studios.
  • 92 instruments
  • 26 effects
  • 39 Expansions
Komplete 13 Ultimate Collectors Edition bundle is an all-encompassing production suite with almost everything Native Instruments has to offer, including pro versions of orchestral libraries, brand- new specialist composing tools, and a huge collection of Expansions.
This is suitable for Industrial Scale Music and Film Studios. We do not recommend this for small / independent Production Studios.
  • 96 instruments
  • 26 effects
  • 73 Expansions

Key Highlights of Komplete 13

  • Komplete is a collection of every kind of plugin you could imagine.
  • Provides some great extras that cover a lot of ground.
  • Outstanding in terms of producing a left-field soundtrack.
  • You would, however, find some Unneccessary Plugins that you’d probably never use
  • A pick-and-mix approach would be ideal

After using it for 7 days

We’d give Komplete 13 a coveted 10/10, but we believe that some clearer upgrade options and perhaps a pick ‘n’ mix buying approach might be appropriate now, given its size, but there is no better suite and probably never will be. It is the ultimate tool for production.