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Music Production Zero to Hero Live Course – Dec 2023

Learn Music Production in 2 months in Live Instructor Led Online Classes

Music Production Zero to Hero Live Course – Dec 2023

Learn Music Production in 2 months in Live Instructor Led Online Classes

What will you Learn

  • You will learn Music Theory
  • You will learn Composition
  • You will learn Song Structuring
  • You will learn Music Arrangement
  • You will learn Beat Making
  • You will learn Melody Production
  • You will learn Vocal Editing & Production
  • You will learn Mixing and Mastering

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This course includes

  • 32 hours Live Training
  • Tests & Assignments
  • Lifetime Class Recording access
  • Completion Certificate


  • You must own a PC / Mac
  • Attending classes on Phone can be difficult
  • Any DAW can be used (FL Studio, Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Studio One, Reaper, Bandlab)
  • Strong Internet connection recommended

Who can Learn

  • Beginner Music Producers
  • Singers
  • Songwriters
  • Music Enthusiasts
  • Musicians
Please Read Carefully the Terms of Service Agreement before proceeding. By Proceeding further towards enrolment of the course from this point onwards you accept you have read and agree with the Terms of Service Agreement.

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Course Details

The Music Production Zero to Hero course offered by AMS Academy teaches you  the whole range of theories and practicals required to become a Music Producer. There are 30 sections divided into 3 categories filled with theories, practicals and hands-on.

Key Concepts

– Music Terminologies
– Production Terminologies
– Audio Production
– MIDI Production
– Tools for Music Production

– Scales, Harmony, Chords,
– Octaves, Time Signature
– Tone Frequencies

– Proper mic technique for different recordings
– Gain Staging
– Recording Vocal Audio in DAW
– Recording Instrumental Audio in DAW

– Audio Comping
– Noise Reduction
– Pitch Correction & Tuning
– Breath Removal

– VST Instruments
– MIDI Controller Keyboards
– Sample Libraries
– Quantized Recording
– Layered Recording

– Indian Song Structure: Mukhada, Antara, Sanchari, Aabhoga
– Western Song Structures: Intro, Verse, Bridge, Chorus

– Musical Pieces: Prelude, Interlude
– Arrangement Structuring
– Layered Arrangement Processes

– Beat Time Signatures
– Bollywood Style Beats
– Western Beats
– Indian Dholak Tabla Beats
– Creating ‘Mass’ Beats

– Key Instruments
– Stringed Instruments
– Percussive Melody Instruments
– Melody Layering
– Counter Melody

– When to use Parametric and Graphic EQ
– EQ Filters – High Pass, Band Pass, Low Pass
– EQ Curves – Bell, Shelf, Cut
– Resonance removal
– Mud removal
– Clarity, Air, Bass

– Dynamic Range
– How compression affects perceived audio quality
– Fundamentals – Knee, Attack, Gain, Release
– Over Compression vs Distortion

– Understanding Ambience
– Exploring 3rd dimension using Reverb
– Types of Reverb – Hall, Plate, Chamber, Convolution etc
– Some Free Reverb Plugins
– Parallel Reverb vs Dry Wet

– Delay vs Reverb
– Quantized Delay
– Ping Pong, Slapback Delay

– Hall, Plate, Chamber Reverb
– Free Reverb and Delay Plugins

– How automation helps in production and mixing
– Volume and Pan Automation
– Creative automation curve for Reverb and Delay

– Double Tracking 
– Artificial Double Tracking
– Artificial Harmonies
– Manual Delays and Echos
– Manual Reverb tracks

– Mixing Fundamentals
– Volume Balancing 
– Frequency Balancing
– Mixing in Mono
– Mixing Drums, Bass
– Vocal Mix
– Bus Grouping for submixes

– Master Bus processing in
– Multi Band Compression for Mastering
– Limiters vs Compressors
– Ozone 11

Projects & Assessments

  • Breakdown / Analysis of multiple Client Projects
  • Breakdown / Analysis of Pet Projects
  • Class test Mixing Hands On Project
  • Mixing Final Project