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Learn Piano Essentials Complete Beginner Series Course in Hindi

About Course

Designed for Complete Beginners trying to learn Piano in Hindi Language.

Course Curriculum

1. Getting started with Learning Piano
Section 1 contains 4 chapters: 1. Welcome to the Course 2. Setting the Expectations 3. Standard Practicing Schedule 4. Optional Accessories

  • Watch Section 1 Lecture

2. Working with the Fundamentals
Section 2 contains 3 chapters: 1. Sitting and Hand Posture 2. Identifying Notes and Octaves in Piano 3. Why notes are Repeated on the Piano

3. Getting your Fingers Moving
Section 3 contains 4 chapters: 1. Upwards and Downwards Finger Movements 2. Underpassing Finger Movement Technique 3. Root Octave Formula 4. Practice Set

4. The Piano Music Theory
Section 4 contains 4 chapters: 1. Concept and Identification of Scales 2. Understanding Harmony 3. Identification of Chords 4. How do Scales and Chords Relate to Each Other

5. Aggregated Practice Sessions – 1
Section 5 Video contains 3 chapters: 1. Root Octave Movement - Left and Right Hands 2. Fat Chord Movement - Left and Right Hands 3. Counter Scale movement on Chromatic and Major Scales

6. Advanced Chords Techniques
Section 6 contains 5 chapters: 1. Relative Major and Minor Chords 2. Inversion of Chords 3. Varieties of 7th Chords – Dominant, Major, Minor, Major-Minor, Minor-Major 4. Practice Set - Inversion and 7th Chords 5. Advanced Scales and Chords - Diminished and Augmented

7. Notations for Playing Songs on Piano
Section 7 contains 9 chapters: 1. Indian vs Western Musical Notation Systems 2. Learning the Indian Notation System 3. Learning the Western Notation System 4. Practice Set - Playing Music on Staff Notation 5. Following Staff notation for Jana Gana Mana 6. Learn to Play Jana Gana Mana - Both Hands 7. Learn to Play Sare Jahaan Se Achcha - Right Hand Fingering 8. Learn to Play Sare Jahaan Se Achcha - Both Hands 9. Jana Gana Mana - Advanced Version

8. Advanced Piano Techniques
Section 8 contains 6 chapters: 1. Understanding the Circle of Fifths 2. How actually to Use the Circle of Fifths 3. Transposing Musical Scales 4. Add Emotion to your Piano Playing 5. Add Flavour to Piano Performance using Advanced Chords 6. Composition Rules

9. Conclusion
Section 9 Video contains 1 chapter: 1. What after this

10. Final Quiz

What do you need

  • Piano/Keyboard
  • Computer/Smartphone
  • Internet Connection

Who can learn this

  • Beginner Musicians
  • Piano Enthusiasts

What I will learn?

  • Play Piano Songs
  • Play Piano Melodies
  • Play Chords
  • Play Chord Progression
  • Create Own Melody
Please Read Carefully the Terms of Service Agreement before proceeding. By Proceeding further towards enrolment of the course from this point onwards you accept you have read and agree with the Terms of Service Agreement.