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Beginners’ Music Production using Ableton Live in Hindi

About Course

Designed for Beginners trying to learn Music Production using Ableton Live DAW in Hindi Language.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Music Production
Learn about the Workflow of Music Production

  • Introduction to Music Production Essentials
  • Music Production Workflow
  • Which Equipment You Need to Get Started With

Setup Ableton Live
Steps to Download and Install Ableton Live on PC and Mac

Music Production Tool Kit
Set up your Sample LIbraries, VST plugins and learn to Back up your project for Storage and Sharing

FLAGSHIP BONUS: Infrastructure Setup
Learn about all the Infrastructural Components needed to build a great Music Production Setup

Quiz 1: Infrastructure Quiz

Learn about Scales, Harmonies and Chords for building your Musical Foundation

Quiz 2: Music Theory Quiz

Audio Recording Technology
Prepare your DAW to record Audio - voice, guitar, piano, tabla, flute or any acoustic instrument

MIDI Recording Technology
MIDI is the modern way of Music Production. Learn different ways to record MIDI in your DAW

Audio Editing
After recording your audio, you must learn how to edit it for fitting properly in your project

Creating Music using MIDI
MIDI based music creation is the modern way. Learn to create Leads, Drums, Bass and edit them to fit your project

EQ and Compression
EQ and Compression are the two most important Effects for your instrument and vocal tracks. Learn terminologies and usages for these tools.

Reverbs and Delays
Reverb and Delay are spatial and temporal effects that creates additional width and depth in your sound. Learn terminologies and usages for these tools.

After recording and editing your music, you must mix them together to sound good. This is not as easy as it sounds!

A properly mixed song needs further treatment to prepare it for release. This final polishing is achieved in Mastering

Final Task

Set your Career Now

What do you need

  • Digital Audio Workstation Software
  • Computer
  • Internet Connection

Who can learn this

  • Beginner Musicians
  • Aspiring Music Producers

What I will learn?

  • Understand Music Production
  • Make your own Music
  • Make Music Arrangement
  • Record Audio and MIDI
  • Mix and Master Songs
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